Chanel Haute Couture A/W 14 Showstudio review

State legislators, in turn, largely stuck to their governors’ proposals, said kathryn white, a fiscal-policy analyst with the state budget officers’ group, known as nasbo

La Roux  – In For the Kill (USA version)

la Roux has been one of my favorite people to work with, she has an aesthetic, a unique sound and she knows her own mind, the antithesis of  a diva who thinks she knows what works.  Creativity gets much more interesting when the parameters are narrower, more succinct.


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We are targeting those who have an aptitude for a technical career, but may not have the support in place to pursue it, says amy harris, the director of the initiative at nova

Fashion Revolution

The e-rate, pop over to these guys established by congress in 1996 and overseen by the fcc, provides schools and libraries with funding for discounts on telecommunications services

Pitt Porn


Brad Pitt almost made me start a porn magazine.

Now im pretty sure that Bad Brad instills that feel in many a woman, he doesnt actually do it for me, like in the traditional wank mag material type way, but then i dont think women work in that way. Do they?

Feminist porn awards

Does looking at sexualised images of guys makes us equal? does objectifying guys in the media put us on top?


A 12-month program is geared toward those wishing write my paper visit this blog right here to teach secondary math or science, and it comes with a $26,000 stipend–pear-or-hourglass–are-you-dressing-for-your-personality-163720260.html

Apple responds to chinese iphone tracking other concerns by phil dzikiy phildzikiy monday, july 14, 2014 apple has issued a response on its chinese website to concerns about iphone location tracking raised by chinese state-run media